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The art of Sri Lankan Masks was existing from time immemorial. Mask carving is a local tradition in the southern coastal region in Sri Lanka. Ambalangoda is well known for traditional masks carvings and masks dancing. The present institution named ‘Ariyapala Traditional Masks’. The history of this tradition date back for many centuries and has developed into perfection in the hand of the Wijesooriya family in Ambalangoda. Ariyapala Tradition passing through their seventh generation of traditional masks carving and Low country dancing. The marks of this family’s cultural activities have become a part of Ambalangoda history. “Ariyapala Wijesooriya Gurunnanse”, one of the greatest master craftsmen in Sri Lanka. He handed over his profound knowledge in all traditional masks carving and dancing into Mahindapala Wijesooriya one of the nationally and internationally award winner master carver.


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General Questions

  • What are Sri Lankan masks used for?
    Sanni masks are Sri Lankan masks used in exorcist rituals (dances) to heal the sick. They represent various diseases and are used by the practitioner to help diagnose which 'illness demon' is making their patient sick.
  • How are Sri Lankan masks made?
    The traditional Sri Lankan mask is hand carved by an 'edura', or an exorcist, using raw materials grown specifically in Sri Lanka. The bark of a tree is stripped, and the trunk is then divided into workable pieces. This is then whittled down, carved and then polished using different leaves.
  • What is the most popular place for Mask in industry in Sri Lanka?
    Sometimes there were visitors specially visit Sri Lanka to buy masks. And Ambalangoda is the area which is the most popular area for Masks and Ambalangoda is the city which has the Mask museum in Sri Lanka. Ambalangoda is located in the middle of two cities, Hikkaduwa and Benthota which are most popular for tourism
  • When were Sri Lankan masks made?
    The history of Sri Lankan masks actually dates as far back as the 15th century, with strong links to devil-worship. For anyone interested in the art of Sri Lankan mask carving and mask dances, a trip to Ambalangoda is a must.
  • From where I can purchase good Sri Lankan masks
    Ariyapala Masks Museum, ආරියපාල වෙස් මුහුණු කෞතුකාගාරය.

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