Sanni Masks of Sri Lanka

Sanni Masks

The Sanni masks are more distorted and disturbing. There are 18 of them, each mask an embodiment of a particular ailment, as ‘Sanni’ is essentially an exorcism ritual. There is one for vomiting and stomach diseases, one for temporary insanity and one for nightmares.
Causes measles, mumps, small pox, typhoid fever and cholera.

Deva Sanniya →

Causes diseases caused by air in the body, also paralyses.

Vatha Sanniya →

Causes heat similar to fire in the body and burning sensation.

Ginijala Sanniya →

Causes diseases of the bile.

Pith Sanniya →

Causes stomach pain vomiting.

Amukku Sanniya →

Becoming unconscious or fainting

Abhutha Sanniya →

The vision of the demon causes poison like cobra poison in the body blister, swellings.

Naga Sanniya →

Causes absentmindedness: sweating, burning sensations and such like symptoms of illness.

Murthu Sanniya →

Causes talking nonsense, and mispronouncing Tamil words when speaking.

Demala Sanniya →

Causes lame limbs, swollen joints.

Kora Sanniya →

Causes temporary dumbness.

Golu Sanniya →

Causes temporary madness.

Butha Sanniya →

Causes temporary blindness.

Kana Sanniya →

CCauses unbearable cold and shivering.

Jala Sanniya→

Causes temporary deafness.

Bihiri Sanniya →

Caused by disturbance of bile juice and phlegm.

Vedi Sanniya →

Healing and blessing in which 18 kinds of maladies, inflicted by devils.

Maru Sanniya→

Causes diarrhea, weakening of body, development of boils in the intestine

Gulma Sanniya →

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