Kolam Masks of Sri Lanka

Kolam Masks

Kolam, (Comedian) the last category, was born during the colonial period. They are satires, and hit out at that early colonial society in subtle, refined ways. When they were conceived, the masks may have appeared funny, but to us today, with their fixed stares, bulging eyes and ghastly smiles they look sinister
This character is known as the panikkalaya or panikkirala..

Anabera kolama →

She is the wife of official drummer announcer..

Nonchi Akka Kolama →

This character has become well known as Jeydi Vidane or Rada Kolama..

Jasa Kolama →

Comedy of village chief

Arachchi Kolama →

Comedy about a soldire

Hewa Kolama →

The wife of Jasaya.

Lenchina kolama →

High official comedy

Mudali Kolama →

comedy of grandmother and grandfather

Aththa Muththa Kolama →

Negro comedy

Kapiri Kolama →

Muslim comedy

Marakkala Kolama →

Tamil comedy

Demala Kolama →

Comedy of King and the Queen

Raja Kolama →

This mask is like the face of a beautiful woman. The upper portion resembles a crown.

Panchanarigathya Kolama →

It is stated that this face resembles the full moon.

Deva Giri Kolama→

Bahirawa mask is the handsome face of a prince and on either side are faces of women.

Ananga Bahirava Kolama →

Police comedy

Police Kolama →

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